Youth Ed Footprints


As we move through our projects and cycles, we bring them over to this page so others can see where we've gone and so we can revisit the journey from new perspectives. If ever you have feedback for us, ideas, etc, please email us at:


Creativity: patterns, plays, stories and movement
Labyrinth Meditations
More Haiku from the Heart

YOUTH ED entertained with our NAMASTE DANCE and loving animal totem.
Then, the kids set up and served a Burrito Feast prepared by Matt.

Our Hokey Pokey Namaste Dance (wiggling with God)
I see the God in You
I see the God in Me
I see the God in You
And it makes feel so free.
I do the Namaste as I turn myself about
God's what it's all about!

Haiku from the Heart
As we planted seeds in pots, we planed seeds in our hearts. And both have grown. We transplanted our little pots to our big garden. And our new Journals have some wonderful Haiku and color that came from our Haiku meditations. After our meditations on seeing GOD in everything through our animal totems, we will Haiku our experiences and move into the Haiku of dance, movement and the labyrinth
Planting into Spring.....
New Year - New Thought

HOW DO I GROW! Lessons from the Garden of our Heart.
The SEED brought thoughts about growth and nurturing and trust. Then we mediated with the rain stick and explored our unique and infinite connection as drops of rain that come together to bring healing. Words about rain started our Haikus. The next week we had drummers match the energy of our OHMs and created a very magical moment.

SUNDAY MAY 26TH - Happy Memorial Day Weekend
We plant! The beds are ready so seeds go in this Sunday.
Expanding Namaste - Animal meditation & sending out our healing.
Haiku or drawing, then on to planting and play.
We hope you are enjoyed your kindness bracelet. The idea spread to a college class in Kentucky. Word got a round and now the whole school is creating Acts of Kindness Bracelets and they know is is a project from the youth of our Center.

April 7th we played April Late Fools with our Joke Sunday, and rocked with the Harlem Shake.
All the kids made their costumes, got/made masks; painted faces and delivered totally awesome silliness - Spirit Plays!

Easter saw the entire program serving up delicious Easter Cinnamon Rolls.

Movie Night served up Asian Noodle Bar. Thanks to all the parents who showed up, to Matt's incredible cooking and teaching skills and to all the Youth Ed chefs and servers. Once again, we rock...undisputed!
FRIDAY, MARCH 22 - YOUTH ED FAMILY DINNER - Great Food - Matt and cooks rock!
7:00 pm "Hotel Transylvania"
Labyrinth Meditation with Jane was awesome!

We made colorful snake masks for our shedding our skins and welcoming spring with the Equinox. We travelled to Mexico in our computer to see the the sunlight travel like a snake down the pyramid and the moment of the vernal equinox. Then we danced and shed our skins and celebrated "new beginnings". We will continue to make our pyramids and explore new beginning and dance the snake dance as we prepare for Easter. Veronica taught us the NAMASTE in Spanish, we we will incorporate that into our NAMASTE dance.

MARCH 24 - Equinox, Eggs, Seeds
Our long-term mural in the hall outside the Youth Ed room is complete. The mural was a response to "Where are we headed?" Images depicted in the mural are a sea of temples representing each individual as a temple. The larger temples illustrate and illuminate how spirit stimulates the creative spirit within and then resonates and transmits this energy of Love to the larger community....and the world. Our group is recognizing more and more that what happens to me, happens through me and that more people are awakening to access their spiritual power and using it.

This has been a year of many projects, opportunities to serve and spiritual growth. Many new faces and families have joined our growing community. Our projects have included a Youth Sunday, complete with films and gifts created by Youth Ed. During our Prayer Flag project, we took the prayers of the community and made Tibetan-style flags that surrounded the Center with Love. Our Pancake Breakfast celebrated community as we served over 200 people. A good time was had by all!

This Fall (2012) we are explored TRANSFORMATION & GRATITUDE.
We have the choice to consciously change and create with our thoughts and actions. And what greater joy than to send our intentions out and be delightedly surprised as these bubbles of joy return. As we change, we change our community and we change the world.

Staff, Volunteers

We LOVE our volunteers...they make it happen!
Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention....Deepak Chopra