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Spirit Circles
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What are Spirit Circles? 

Whether you look to Buddha and his small group of disciples 2,500 years ago, to the pioneers of the New Thought Movement over a century ago, or to modern peer-support organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, small groups have proven themselves to be a powerful way to engage people in deep, lasting spiritual growth and development.  Develop relationships that deepen your spiritual practice through real connections with others that lead to care of each other and the larger community.

Sign-ups are found on the Spirit Flow App. Click a Spirit Circle below to log in or install the App.  See the Discover section in the App. 

Current Open Spirit Cirlces

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TEEN Spriit Circle - Ongoing

Host by Carol Campbell

3 PM  Sundays

Unitarian Campus in the Library that is accessed through the Social Hall

Manifestation – Metaphysics – Spirituality

What are these things?  What does it all mean?  This Circle will be a safe place for young people – under 21 – to ask questions, and discuss and explore topics around manifestation, New Thought, metaphysics, spirituality,  and future planning with others of their own age. Sharing life experiences,  wondering what's next, and walking away with some life changing tools. 


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Gratitude Circle

Host Tracy Robert

Tuesdays at 6 PM MST

On Zoom 

Sharing the practice of Gratitude 

The Gratitude Spirit Circle is a weekly online group to express gratitude verbally and in writing and to discuss the different ways to practice gratitude. The Circle includes opportunities to explore how to practice gratitude in challenging situations and to share personal experiences with the practice of gratitude.  

“ The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for.”--Norman Vincent Peale

In a world that often feels overwhelming, filled with noise, suffering, and endless distractions, finding support to anchor yourself in love has never been more crucial. Whatever challenges you may be facing in your life or the world, the key to overcoming them lies in embracing the profound truth of your own being. You are deserving of unwavering support on your journey to discover and become more of your authentic self.  This, dear friend, is the solution.     

Introducing the new ABQ CSL App

Spirit Flow

Your sanctuary for spiritual growth and transformation is available to you whenever it suits your schedule.

This app is your free gateway to a wealth of resources designed to support your spiritual journey. It offers a treasure trove of learning materials, opportunities for spiritual practice, moments of deep reflection, and a chance to connect with a community of love-minded individuals who are also on the path of self-discovery and transformation. It's your virtual haven for all things spiritual, providing you with the tools and guidance you need to navigate life's challenges while staying firmly grounded in love.


Join the beta test of Spirit Flow and get the Transformation Guide that includes weekly sermon videos, a built in journal with reflection questions, guided meditations and other spiritual practices, and the Transformation Forum where you can post and discuss with your companions on the journey.  learn more and download Spirit Flow below. 

Transformation Guide

What is the Transformation Guide? 

This is the monthly companion guide that takes you deeper into the week's theme.  You will find it in the Learn section of the Spirit Flow app. Here you will discover the weekly sermon video, suggested spiritual practice, reflection questions, and gathering info. Get the guide by downloading Spirit Flow today!

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Join a team

Be Serving


Join The Minara Muslim Community in interfaith partnership and service to unhoused folks in our community. You can choose to participate in multiple ways. You can meet at 5:30pm at the Unitarian Campus with other community members to pack sack meals. You can also load and deliver the meals. You can also participate by donating food and or money.

Join us to be and experience Love In Action!

Join A Team!

Sacred service is one way we are called to participate in the life of The Center. Being of service in this community is a practice of joy, belonging, and vitality in which we co-create the space of transformation and love. This is an opportunity to develop ourselves as leaders and team members playing an essential role in the love that is this community.

To get started in sacred service email

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