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December Overview - Adventures in Going Nowhere

As many of us continue to shelter in place. Let’s go on a great adventure together this winter. An adventure to nowhere.

We will practice the Art of Stillness with the help of travel writer Pico Iyer. Along the way we will kiss the lips of freedom within, dance at the cocktail parties in our own minds on the longest night of the year, all while going nowhere.

We will put down the addiction of hurry and distraction while we glory at winter’s bare branches against a moonlit sky. We will cozy up to the flames of our own being and warm ourselves as they burn away what no longer serves.

Let’s look to Pauline Matarasso words for our adventure:

I look towards silence.

It is not, as I had heard, a peak

with natural footholds and the crampons

left by better climbers.

Contrary to what they say there is no map

(they may be speaking of another place)

there is only surrender….

We will look towards silence as we adventure together in this off season to the one place we can experience God, nowhere but within.

--Rev Amani Malaika

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