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Get Your Greatest Reward!

You and I have already hit the ultimate lottery. The jackpot is creation itself. From the process of Divine Love, creation comes into being. Aliveness is the reward. Creation itself is the ongoing outcome of the infinite givingness of the Holy Blessed One as life itself. You, your body, your ability to feel, touch smell, taste, hear, breathe, think, reason, and express your aliveness as a member of nature itself is the greatest gift you’ve ever received. This gift of aliveness is inherently good and ever moving for greater Good. This means that even the aspects of life that you and I determine as bad, heinous, awful, and unacceptable can be purposed for moving toward greater Good.

You and I, animals and insects, atmosphere and soil are outcomes of Divine Love. What we create and contribute are outcomes of this infinite process of aliveness as Love. Every bit of life is an on purpose Loving result and contributor to Life.

It is through your conscious and awake participation in this gift of the physical universe, in Love and as Love, that you co-create a more Loving life and world. The more Loving life and world that you and I long for can not come into being when we are busy closing our eyes and running from what IS in the world. This active denial also means denying that you are a critical member of the physical universe, a co-creator, a shaper of the world. Your power, your joy, your truth lies in accepting, celebrating and harnessing your place in creation and as a co-creator. It’s time to divest from anything in the way of you taking your rightful place in this physical universe.

What's in the way for you? What are you ready to stop giving your time and attention to so that you can step into your whole beautiful glorious self?

The energy you and I spend on numbing, distracting, denial, and refusing can be put to far greater use. What becomes possible in your life if you stop trying to make the pain and darkness stop and instead grow your capacity to meet it full on with the transmuting power of Love. Drawing on the power of your own divine nature is what you and I can use to get into right relationship with WHAT IS. The external circumstances and social pressures/forces that feel so overwhelming at times is not more powerful than the Divine reality that you are, Love!

Because you are the micro of the macro you are greater than your mental/physical/emotional experiences. You have access to your Whole Self that includes your mental/physical/emotional aspects AND your divine nature that includes your inherent joy, peace, harmony, beauty, intuition, and beyond. Your Whole Self, your divine nature is all of it! And it makes you powerful beyond measure. As Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams teaches:

"Your power is the skillful use of your energy." -Rev. Angel

This power is far greater than any social pressures, pains of living, legislative BS, false narratives and dark histories. Your skillful use and expression of your true nature, your energy, is the way your life transforms. This is how you powerfully contribute to the transformation of it all.

The Great Reality contains what appears to be duality, good and bad, light and dark, all binaries, and is far greater than these appearances as well, and so are you! In turning your energy away from the resistance and battle with these appearances and putting your energy into the the choice you have in every moment to skillfully use your energy you become more powerful.

Open up to the Greater Reality that is beyond the binary and become intimate and skilled with the access that you have to this Greater Infinite Reality in your own being. This is the work of spiritual living. This is how you receive your great Divine inheritance. AND it is how you can be the change you want to see in the world.

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