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How To Love In Action

June 2021: People

Community exists only when people know each other’s stories. —WENDELL BERRY

I know that the connection, support, and wisdom that comes from spiritual community is deeply valued here at the center. It is also one of the core ideas that came forward in our re-opening visioning process: A six week endeavor that I had the privilege of experiencing with a fantastic group of spiritual leaders from our community. For six weeks I and these beloved humans visioned for the highest and best for our in person gatherings. We pondered how the experience of spiritual community and all that it offers become possible in this new, re-imagined world? One of the things we came to deeply understand is that it becomes possible because of the PEOPLE who make up the community! People are what bring Love into Action.

Our mission of transformation at the center is achieved through Love In Action. The ways that Love In Action shows up are as unique and varied as the people who make up our center. One of my delights in my role at the center is to hear and witness your stories of transformation and love. During the month of June I am so thrilled that we will be collecting your stories AND sharing them with you! You will get to hear from one another and grow deeper in your connection in community and in your awareness of the beautiful ways Love In Action is showing up here in Albuquerque.

One of my other delights is to be partnered with and supported by spiritual leaders deeply committed to transforming lives and transforming communities. Together, we are Love in Action. What that means for all of you beloveds is that each week during the month of June one of these blessed humans from our visioning team will be sharing an original blog post focusing on one word, drawn from the word cloud we created together hi-lighting what came forward in our visioning process. Each word, and each blog post will address a specific key element of how we will be Love in Action together in spiritual community.

I can’t wait to introduce the other collaborators who will be sharing their thoughts on the following key elements: Embodiment, Ritual,Spaciousness, and Community. Each will offer you a fresh and exciting take on what our mission of Love in Action: Transforming Lives -> Transforming Communities might look like now in this post-Covid world and how it can be implemented in our daily lives.

As we develop more ways for us to be in community through our online events and our new and evolving in person gatherings, one of the things I am so excited about and deeply committed to is providing space and opportunities for you to share your stories so that we can grow our connection and experiences of Oneness by learning from one another and sharing our experiences.

I can’t wait to be with you in community online and in person! I am so excited about all the creative ways we will transform our own lives and the life of our community.

Cheers to transformative love!

Rev. Amani

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