Love in Action: a Call to Be the Prayer

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

This is the first of a monthly blog written by community members inspired by each month’s theme.

The Infinitude of Prayer

Where do each of us fit, having our place in “the all of it…”?

Just what are each of us expected to do?

What is for me, in the doing to be done, and what in the doing, is to be done by you?

In the infinitude of possibility and choice, to which song do each of us lend our voice?

Start in your heart to discover the pathway.

Awaken each morning and embrace each day:

Move your feet in rhythm to the beat of your soul

Stirring passion, intent on bettering this experience called life.

During the month of June, Rev. Amani Malaika, Senior Minister and Spiritual Leader at The Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living, called upon each of us to be Prayer in Action, to embody the prayer that is: Love in Action, Transforming Lives --> Transforming Communities. Sound like a tall order? Well it’s not, though it is a necessary one. You see, the world needs our bigness, now more than ever. Fortunately, during June, Rev. Amani also outlined a pathway to realizing The Truth.

By inviting Spirit, which is already In You, to begin to operate As You, you then come to realize the demonstration of Spirit operating Through You. Transformation begins. And, A World That Works for Everyone is born. Spirit In You, having its being As You, and Operating Through You—that’s Love in Action.

And here’s the cool part: in order for all of that to take place, all you need to do is show up!

By bringing your own unique, you-shaped You to this party called Life, and strutting your glorious, you-shaped Spirit, in full effect, you contribute to the betterment of this world. You bring more love, more light, more joy, and more delight; You are where Spirit chooses to show up; know it, show it, and let the Light of Love glow it all up!

Now we all know there are times, more often than any of us would care to think, when everything seems to be going sideways. The road ahead looks like one giant, stroke-inducing clogged artery. It feels like reaching up only helps you touch the bottom of life. Bad-behaving politicians, manipulative masters of industry, climate change, refugees at the border: pain, sickness, sadness and despair, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and fear. Racism, patriarchy, and road rage…. Where does it all finally end, and when?

It ends at the exact moment we decide to realize The Truth: God is bigger than all of that.

Outer circumstances do not dictate anyone’s inner reality, and we all know what happens when our inner life is lit by the light of love, truth and The Power and Presence of Spirit. Everything in our life transforms into a Demonstration of Spirit in Action. Wholeness, Perfection and Complete, unveiled Unity with The One is demonstrated, infallibly, and without end.

It has been said that prayer is the most direct and effective path to transforming one’s consciousness. So, for the purpose of getting centered in truth, pray first. Open your meetings with prayer, open classes with prayer, anchor any vision for anything you may be creating with prayer, and resolve any conflicts between you and anyone else with prayer. Now hear this:

Every time we meet suffering, discord, or despair, we are granted an opportunity to pray. There are very many people in the world who know about the power of prayer, and more than a few people have had some experience of transformation as a result of praying. So guess what. If you were to think of the most recent news story or circumstance in the world that has broken your heart or sent you into a rage, you might also quickly realize the blessed opportunity you have been given to pray. What would your affirmative prayer for that situation be? What would your prayer for yourself be? When we know with confidence what is true, then we can look at what is unacceptable, and prayerfully hold our attention on The Truth, knowing unshakably that anything unlike truth cannot remain. It Cannot Remain! Only Truth Can Endure. We then allow that Truth to move us into right action. That right action is divinely inspired from The Truth within us.

Remaining confident in the power of Spirit, living a life committed to Spiritual Practice, Prayer, and Awakened Awareness of the Unity of All Things, The Oneness of All Life, knowing that Spirit is in each and every one of us, these actions must lead to the expectation that Spirit knows only good, and only what Spirit knows can be called Truth.

So pray big, be big, and know that with Spirit, all is well.

Let each resolve to be true to one’s self, true to our inner light, true to The Truth as we understand It. When everyone learns to speak The Truth, a complete freedom from discord will come to the world. --Ernest Holmes, The Science Of Mind

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