The Spirit of Grief - Honoring the anniversary of the COVID-19 Shutdown

What we have lost over this last year:

Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

Our jobs, our homes, our loved ones, our ideas about what life is, and what we thought was true about our country, our democracy, our fellow humans. Some of us have lost our identity, who we thought we were or what we thought was true about ourselves. We have lost relationships and what we thought was true about people we know and love. We have lost our sense of connection and the ways we got that need met. We have lost the fantasy of what we thought was so important. We have lost the ability to take simple pieces of life for granted. We have lost so much and yet still, we go on. Still, there remains a possibility.

Photographer: Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images

When it all unravels, falls apart, crumbles before our eyes..what becomes possible? Can we even begin to entertain the possibilities if we have not grieved the losses?

How do we get through the river of loss to the ground of possibility? How do we get our feet under us long enough to stand in the rubble of what remains? How can we use the Spirit of Grief to ground us and usher us into the possibilities beyond the horizon of grief?

Image created for the United Nations by Laura Makaltses

These are the questions we will wrestle with together throughout the month of March.

I am so excited to get the help of Kenneth Winfrey, LCSW. Kenneth will join our SpiritSpeaks team this month in a conversation about the stages of grief and the spiritual principles we can take into the grieving process.

Photo by Colin D on Unsplash

It is through our presence with all that is that we allow for our holy wholeness to show up as Love In Action. The Spirit of Grief and the honoring of all that we have lost is a perfect next step toward the possibilities awaiting us.

I am so grateful to be taking this step with you.

I love you so much,

Rev. Amani

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