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Prayer that changes everything…but mostly you!

In Science of Mind & Spirit, we pray scientifically. Hence, the technique we use is known to work. We are changing our own minds (and vibrational frequency!) about something; from sickness to health, from lack to abundance, from fear to love. When we pray, we are setting our intentions toward something that we want to have happen in our life. We are not focusing on what bothers us. We are believing that our good is happening right now—not sometime in the future.

“Prayer changes things. It will change you. I'm talking about prayer like you've never experienced before - as rock-bottom love, a healing vibration, sublime relief…Prayer can disintegrate despair, create a perspective of miracle-mindedness and enable you to see magnificent possibilities.” -Angela Montano, LSP

Using affirmative prayer aka Spiritual Mind Treatment lets you determine for yourself what works and what doesn’t. Not just if this kind of prayer works but how it can work for you. What words light you up, images, sounds…what is it in prayer that will deepen your conviction and change your frequency to be a match for what you desire.

There are five steps to affirmative prayer. Feel the prayer, and have conviction that it is working. If it’s not juicy and if it doesn’t fill you with deep’s not working. For affirmative prayer to work for you it has to feel real, whatever you are affirming has to FEEL real..this prayer is meant to help you feel it!

If you are struggling to feel deep conviction, have a practitioner feel it for you in a science of mind treatment: that’s what they are trained to do. You can reach out directly to a practitioner here:

Use the following simple affirmative prayer to practice feeling that your good is happening right now!

  1. The Divine is

  2. I Am

  3. I accept ______________ (whatever good you want to claim)

  4. I’m so grateful for _________________(the good you are claiming)

  5. I let it be

To get more and dive deeper check out this sermon from Rev. Amani:


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