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Transformation: The Ground We Stand On

Your Personal Transformation Plan, Practical Spirituality and the ways we will do that together over the next few months.


Our ever changing realities and losses with Covid, the Delta Variants, climate change, all of the social inequities around the world and all that we are navigating in our personal worlds may be leaving you feeling anxiety, uncertainty, anger, rage, fear and a host of other things. But here’s the good news: there is one certainty we can all rely on and make our solid and sure foundation in this time and that is Spirit, or as Mary Magdalene refers to it in her gospels, The Good.

In the midst of all of this The Center continues to have a mission of Love In Action, Transforming Lives -> Transforming Communities. I believe that our mission of love and transformation is more needed and more important than ever. We are necessarily letting go of some of the ways we have tried to meet that mission in the past, like traditional weekly Sunday services, in order to make way for more powerful, intimate, and intentional ways of meeting our mission. Moving forward we will focus on building an intentional spiritual community of practice where we can come together in transformative gatherings, groups, and classes, online & in person, to do the work of individual transformation. We will come together for collective transformation to build community and alleviate poverty through our CirclesABQ program and we will continue to do the personal and collective work of Social Uplift and Justice. We will do this all together, anchoring ourselves in and as The Good.

The Center will continue to provide weekly inspiration through our social media pages: Facebook and Instagram, as well as through our online show, SpiritSpeaks on Facebook & Youtube and through our weekly podcast SpiritCentral. Our practitioners will continue to provide daily practice and affirmation by phone through SpiritCalling. Our community will continue to join in prayer, sharing, announcements and updates on our Facebook Spirit As Me Forum for online community & connection. Make sure to subscribe to our youtube and podcast channels & follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to get all the online goodness!

Our gatherings will continue to be planned 30 days at a time so that we can take into account the safety and well being of our community. All of our in person activities will continue in our labyrinth building sanctuary through at least the remainder of 2021. We will continue to wear masks and socially distance. We will also continue to try new things as we develop what it means to be a hybrid spiritual community serving folks online and in person locally and beyond. There will not be in person weekly Sunday services. To learn about what is being offered each month make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter or check the website

Here is what you can expect over the next few months:

In August you can participate by listening and watching SpiritCentral and SpiritSpeaks, and receiving daily practice & affirmation. Beginning Sunday, August 15, the online weekly SpiritSpeaks premier will move to a new time: Sundays 9am MT on Facebook & Youtube. This is a great time to join me and other community members online. You can go to youtube or Facebook for a "watch party" where we watch the newest episode together and interact in the comments feed.

If you are in the local area you can participate in our collective transformation work through our CirclesABQ program to build community and alleviate poverty here in the Albuquerque area. CirclesABQ is currently seeking volunteers for the Resource Teams to support the program. To get involved in our Circles work go to CirclesABQ and/or fill out the volunteer interest survey.

For three Sundays, beginning on August 15th, we will be hosting a 3 week series to guide you in developing Your Own Personal Transformation Plan. We will gather in person and on Zoom August 15, 22, & 29 from 10am-12pm. This is your opportunity to:

  • Learn more about The Center's core principals and offerings.

  • Work with me and other members of the center team to develop your own declaration of belief, your own set of spiritual practices and study, and gain clarity on your next action step on how you want to serve.

Coming up in September & October I invite you to join me for our Practical Spirituality series where you can bring spiritual ideas to actually transforming your own life! The center team and I will be guiding you in applying spirituality to all areas of your life: finances & vocation, relationships, health and well-being. We will be offering 3 accredited education classes on practical spirituality that you can take in person or online, and there will be multiple SpiritGroups forming on different topics, these small groups will be available locally in person and there will be zoom based SpiritGroups for those of you who would like to participate online. Watch the newsletter and website for details and registration links.

We will continue to keep you informed about any changes to our plans. If necessary, we are prepared to move our activities back to online only. We will continue to look at the science and follow the CDC & NM DOH guidelines.

I am deeply committed to our mission of Love In Action Transforming Lives & Communities and will continue to make a place and a way for you to walk your personal path of transformation and for us to do so together.

I love you so much!

Rev. Amani

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