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Wield Your Superpower!

This spring I invite you to dive into YOU and what you have to offer! With deepening into the real you, the true you, you can wield the spiritual power within you for greater and greater good.

You are a whole universe, a complete ecosystem that contains multitudes. There

are layers and levels to you. There is so much to discover and experience in and

as your whole being, so much to celebrate, to bring forward, to offer..all contained in you. From greater and greater awareness of your True nature you will be moved into greater and greater experiences of aliveness, of Life.

Expressing your true nature is the greatest contribution you have to make in this world. Nothing matters more than your discovery, cultivation, and commitment to this Truth. This is the way of more Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, and Beauty. From the depth of your true nature all Good comes.

Getting into a conscious relationship with your true nature is the most important relationship work of your life. Your awareness and intimate experience of all the layers that you are brings you into contact with all you need and all that you have to gift the world. Committing yourself to discovering the depths of your true nature and becoming a virtuoso in the art of living your truth is the work of spiritual living AND the way of your freedom and liberation.

Through practices of connection and belonging to your divine Self and welcoming others as divine, through artful use of affirmative prayer, and skillful use of spiritual laws you will become super powered in creating the life of your dreams. These practices and tools will not only lead to a greater experience of life for you but for Life itself. May we each be the way of Love, Life and Liberty for all.

Each week you can find new weekly video content all month long to go deeper and gain new practices to wield you superpower for Good!


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