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You Are #1!

We are starting off 2022 with the principle of Oneness and how to actually live this principle in our daily lives.

ABQ CSL community value Oneness: We recognize the Divine in all. Because we know we are inherently connected by this Oneness we are committed to justice and liberation for all.

I am called to spend some real time and practice on the perennial wisdom principles of Science of Mind (SOM) and the stated values of ABQ CSL this year. I know without a doubt that when we connect the dots of these teachings and values to our community vision and mission we will each surely be a demonstration of Love In Action. I am so excited to guide us in connecting these dots so that we can each walk our unique paths of transformation and spiritual living. So first up in 2022 is the SOM principle and ABQ CSL value of Oneness.

At its most fundamental, Oneness is the principle of inherent connection. It is the perennial wisdom teaching that there is no thing but the One which means that we are not separate from the One or one another. But before we can experience and consciously embody our inherent connection to one another we must first recognize, unify with, and realize our own inherent connection with the One, the holy blessed one that goes by many names that I call God.

So as the nights continue to be longer than the days, as the One continues to lovingly invite us to pause and go within during this winter season let us say a holy yes to that invitation and turn our attention to our own inherent connection with the One.

"When the lips are closed, there is room for the heart to speak. When the heart is silent, the great inner mystery of the spirit can blaze up and illuminate life." -Centers for Spiritual Living

I invite you to join me from wherever you are and with whatever is or isn't happening in your life as we begin to connect the dots of spiritual living. You can gather with me and The Center team live on Sundays in-person or online. You can also join us all week to continue to be supported in connecting the dots of spiritual living through SpiritGroups & classes, our YouTube & social media channels and the free daily practices & affirmations delivered to your phone (all of the info you need is on our website

Let us begin now by making time daily to pause, to be silent, and make welcome the gorgeous divine creature that is God in, as, and through you.

Thank you, I love you, and see you on the path,

Rev. Amani

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