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You Are the Light of the World

Neither you nor I can transform the night into the morning light, yet we trust in the light of day as we have come to trust in the light of a Living Spirit. Night turns into morning from the darkness it knows so well.

We have always trusted in the light of the winter sun, the solstice, the stars and the moon at night. We are never without the light of the menorah reminding us of the temple we hold so dear. The one day's worth of oil miraculously lasting eight days. We know of plenty just as we know the generosity of a Loving Spirit. Those of varied beliefs, faiths, philosophies and religions all await the break of dawn.

As day falls into evening, I leave the porch light on, reminded of the weary traveler and keep a candle burning for those in daily prayer. Each night I turn down the venetian blinds covering my bedroom window and light the lamp next to my bed while I read. I leave a light on for my kitty kat Junior even though he reminds me how silly I am thinking he can’t see in the dark.

This season of light is ultimately about the light of Spirit that resides within each of us. We are the light of day, the beloved, the holy and the anointed ones, those that carry the torch of light into the temple. The enchanted light that is Spirit is not without us. We are the light of the Divine; we are the stars at night that keep company with the moon as we sleep, never alone. And so it is.

Dino de Leyba, LSP

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