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You have the answers you seek..Can you hear them?

Maybe you started the new year with an enthusiastic new workout plan, or goals to start a new business or go for a promotion, to be a superstar parent in your kids' classroom and the enthusiasm is already starting to dip. Maybe you are just stirring from your winter slumber to meet the growing light of day and see the changes your life may be calling for. Wherever you find yourself this February you are invited to find all the answers and solutions you need to move forward in creating the life you deserve.

The greatest power in the universe, Love, has a voice, an impulse, a knowing that is ever available in you and pointing the way for your greater good. Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

Let the inner ear listen to the voice of truth that is always speaking. —Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind & Spirit


Listening is a spiritual practice that is sometimes overlooked in all of our days of doing and creating and conversing with each other. This spiritual practice is critical, however, in order to deepen the inner life and grow in a conscious awareness of truth. As a spiritual practice, listening takes on a new meaning from that used in our usual daily life, because here we mean not just listening to the general noise of the world, but rather listening with the heart.

To listen in this way means to listen with one’s whole heart and whole being, in order to be completely present to what is occurring in this present moment. By being present with ourselves and others, the gift of listening gives us the wisdom of knowing our own nature and allows us to develop generosity, patience and a loving presence with ourselves and others.

Listening Within

When we attune the inner ear to truly listen within our own being, what are we listening for? In the purest sense, we are listening to our own guidance, our own wisdom, the impulse of Love within, what many call the “still small voice” that speaks, giving us direction. Listening within is listening with one’s whole being. Taking a question within, we may feel a sensation in the body, an intuition, an urge within the heart, a certainty in the stomach. And deeper, we may find ideas, words, peace and a certainty of what to do next. Like all spiritual practice, the ability to listen deeply develops over time, as we make it a daily practice for ourselves and our decision making.

Listening to Others

It has been said that the deepest need of most people is simply to be heard. In this context, being willing to patiently listen to others is a spiritual practice and a healing gift. To give the pure gift of listening, it is important to give up the need to comment, have an opinion, fix or argue about anything that is being said. Remember that all people are Divine and are entitled to their own individual perspective. Each person lives a life with unique experiences and perspective. By being willing to listen, simply listen to another, you will find that each is able to find their own way and sort out their own feelings, in their own time. Listening with your heart in this manner, is empowering for the other, as you hold within your own being the idea that each person is powerful and has the power of their own inward truth to know their own way.

As a practice, sit with another and let them know that you are there just to listen. Do not react, or respond. Simply listen with your heart and be there for them. And see what happens. Hear the voice of their truth. In this way you will learn and experience another aspect of the Divine.

At the center of Being, we are all one. Practice listening with the heart and you will discover a new oneness with the Divine and with everyone around you.

Embrace the spiritual practice of listening this February and find the many ways it can bless your life.

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