Practitioner Training


As you work your way through the CSL classes, you may feel drawn toward becoming a licensed Practitioner. Practitioners are individuals of high spiritual consciousness, deep understanding, and trained in the art, science and skill of Affirmative Prayers. Practitioners are dedicated to the cause of helping others and knowing the spiritual Truth of each individual.


To qualify for Practitioner Studies, students must have successfully completed the following CSL Accredited classes within the last five years:

Foundations of Science of Mind (or Beyond Limits)
Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind (or From Whence We Came)
The Essential Ernest Holmes
2 Consciousness Classes chosen from:


  • Spiritual Practices

  • Practical Mysticism

  • Meditation is More Than You Think

  • Power of Your Word

  • Self-Mastery

1 Elective chosen from the full offering of accredited CSL classes

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