Winter 2021 SpiritGroups Session

begins in January!

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

All of the places where we lack freedom of Spirit are where we believe ourselves to be in bondage. And this whole book, this whole series is designed to set us free to live the Truth we are.

Transformed by Truth

Experience the power of Centering Prayer by using a word to ground a chattering and roving mind. Explore what it means to live mindfully - how you think, eat, move and breathe.

Touching The Stillness

Discover the Power

Enjoy the wisdom, piano music and songs by Houston Unity Minister, Rev. Michael Gott, as deepen your experience of the power within you. Expand your understanding of New Thought teachings with your SpiritGroup.

Affirmative Empowering Prayer

Series that invites you re-examine your views of God and yourself, as well as the role and purpose of prayer. You will practice praying in new ways which affirm your Wholeness and Divine Identity. You will also learn how to apply the 5 Phases of Prayer in your personal life, and also when praying with others.

I am divine. My nature is one with the divine nature of God. I am able to express the highest spiritual principles in the midst of everyday situations. You will discover what it means to dare to be the light of the world.

Divine Audacity 

Design Your Life

Explore practical tools for creating a life by design. It provides the tools and framework for living an extraordinary life. You will be guided in a journey of discovering your purpose, living your passion, and ultimately, designing your legacy.

What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Creating a new world of peace, prosperity, and possibility. Master your mindset by using your imagination to direct your thoughts and feelings in positive ways. Create a life you love by aligning what you think and feel with inspired action.

A Beginner's Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth. Introduction to the 5 Spiritual Disciplines that guide our SpiritGroups culture.

Infinite Connections

The I of The Storm

Embracing conflict, Creating Peace. It offers a transformational approach to working through conflict. This series provides opportunities for guided self-reflection and tools for shifting our paradigm around conflict.

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