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SoulCare 2020

Growing our inner capacities in a time of external uncertainties


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You are the greatest force in the universe!

Join these incredible gifted humans for a day-long, highly interactive virtual workshop to develop spiritual tools for your toolbox. Spend the day writing, moving, praying, meditating, and creating in a highly interactive virtual setting where we will build community and relationships. What we know for sure is when we come together in sacred space our inner capacities grow and we become more resilient.

Arabic Writing

Sacred Writing

Loving attention to our humaness through writing or any art form opens us to our Divinity and the wisdom we carry within.


Affirmative Prayer

Declaring our Divine nature and realizing in our bones that we are the power and the presence of the One leaves us grounded, centered and ready for anything life throws our way.

Tai Chi Practice

Moving Meditation

Practicing and constantly learning to move from the center of your being, Tai Chi Chih bridges body, mind, and soul.

Ceramic Candle Holder

Herbs + Art + Ritual

Participate in sacred ceremony for the purpose of holding each other's intentions in the highest light.

Woman with Eyes Closed

Loving Meditation

Grounding ourselves into the loving essence at the center of our being is a most powerful gift to ourselves.

Community Connection

In this time of social distance come together with other powerful beings ready to connect and deepen in practice and Love.