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Summer Schedule

Mondays 11am-12:30pm

Mondays 5:30-7pm




Thursdays 7-8:30pm

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Summer SpiritGroups


Summer SpiritGroups

Important Dates

July 12-26

  • Summer 2020 SpiritGroups Catalog released July 12

  • Member Signups begin July 12 - Join as many SpiritGroups as you want, schedules allowing.

July 15 6pm

Meet the hosts of Summer SpiritGroups live on Zoom Wednesday July 15 6pm!  Join us to learn more and get your questions answered.  RSVP NOT required.  Click here to join live right now.


July 19-25 (Week 0)

  • Members, attend the Connection Week Event for each group you joined or want to join.  Ask questions, find out more, complete a Spiritual Self-Assessment  if you have not already, and decide if this group is for you.  Please attend even if you have already committed as it will also be your orientation meeting which includes some important logistical details.

July 26 (Week 1)

  • Last Day to join a SpiritGroup.

  • Week 1 of 10 week session begins.


September 6-17

  • Fall Hosts Signups - Apply to host here.  Training required to be completed before 17 September. We will contact you to schedule.

    • Video Curriculum, Hosts Instructions, & Discussion Guides are available for the SpiritGroups listed here.  

    • Or, you can submit an application for a different SpiritGroup topic.


September 27 - October 3 (Week 10)

  • Celebration Week! Each SpiritGroup will have completed their group community service project by this week.  In addition, your SpiritGroup will have held a final social event and are all planning to join the ABQ CSL All Groups Celebration event.  All Groups Celebration event date TBD.



Through healthy, balanced small groups, people have the opportunity to grow in their spiritual practice and connect with each other in a deep, meaningful manner. In these supportive discussion groups, usually hosted throughout the community by peers who agree to host and facilitate, all members gain practical insights about spiritual principles that can empower every area of their lives.  During the coronavirus pandemic, all SpiritGroups will be hosted on Zoom.


Every SpiritGroup becomes a spiritual family of sorts, supported by five principles:

  • Communion:  e.g., prayer, meditation, journaling, and singing.

  • Connection:  Fun, friendship, and social enrichment.

  • Compassion:  Group members take care of each other throughout the course of each series.

  • Community:  Each group engages in a community service project (respecting social distancing, of course).  

  • Challenge:  Setting intentional spiritual goals and giving/receiving support and accountability from your group.

Topics vary every session, based on the interests of the community and the hosts.  When signing up for a SpiritGroup, you can choose as many SpiritGroups as you want, meeting schedules allowing.  Hosts are encouraged to consider hosting a group from this catalog of Video Curriculum, Hosts Instructions, & Discussion Guides.  These are topics commonly used in new thought SpiritGroups around the country.

Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living membership or attendance is NOT required to participate. ABQCSL SpiritGroups are intended for everyone.  Host requirements include background checks for in-person session (possible Fall 2020).  By hosting a SpiritGroup through ABQ CSL, hosts agree to all of the following:  

  • Attending 1 Training

  • Attending Weekly Huddles (Unless the hosts of a session decide otherwise, Weekly Huddles are held Sundays at 2pm, 30 minutes max, via Zoom)

  • Attending the Preview Event (a Zoom call that includes all hosts for the current session holding a Q&A about their upcoming groups, facilitated by ABQCSL staff)

  • Tracking & reporting attendance using a simple tool we provide

  • Tracking & Reporting member contact info using a simple tool we provide

  • Coordinating each member of your group taking the Five Disciplines Spiritual Self-Assessment

  • Tying in at least one of the Five Disciplines to each SpiritGroup weekly meeting.

  • Coordinating the planning and completion of a group community service project, virtual or not, in accordance with local guidelines regarding the current coronavirus pandemic.  Please contact us if you need additional guidance.

Because we are all practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, we have trained your SpiritGroup hosts to facilitate your group on Zoom.  Though this session is a virtual session, "space" is still limited; but, waiting lists are allowed and may result in additional groups being added.

You can use a computer or smart device with a camera to attend via video call.  OR you can phone in to participate via audio-only.  You will be provided a Zoom link and phone number for your group choice(s). 

For general SpiritGroups info, contact a Program Leader: or

2801 Louisiana Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 881-4311

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