Morning Phone Call with Recorded Spiritual Practice

Each morning a call goes out simultaneously to the SpiritCalling community, sharing a recorded spiritual practice designed to be a stand-alone inspiration that helps deepen spiritual work.  But you will also find themed weeks of various practices and series of specific practices dedicated to specific topics.

Evening Affirmation Text

Each evening, you'll receive an affirmation text, reinforcing and affirming your spiritual practice.

These affirmations and recordings are created specifically for the ABQ CSL new thought community (wherever they may reside) by the ABQ CSL team of licensed Spiritual Practitioners. They bring a meditative dimension to our daily experience and empower us to go deeper, further along the Pathway of Transformation.

Spirit CallingJD Faulk RscP
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"Today I bring my whole self to even the smallest of tasks and experience every moment as sacred."

-Clarissa Crowe LSP

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