What is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner?

A Religious Science Practitioner (RScP) is a licensed spiritual guide who utilizes affirmative prayer to support people in connecting themselves to the Power, Presence and Good of God within them.


Our Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living Practitioners are teachers and leaders who are in service to our community. They have made a commitment to their own continual self-discovery and education, and to serving our community with love.


Training includes at least six pre-requisite classes, plus two years of professional training, and written & oral exams.

Prayer Support

Your prayer requests and other requests for support can be made by contacting our Ministers and Practitioners at prayer@abqcsl.org 

What is Spiritual Guidance?

We teach that the Spiritual Truth, the Essence, of every person is Wholeness and Perfection. Sometimes the conditions of our lives don't seem to reflect this Wholeness - we experience lack, limitation, separateness, struggle, or confusion.


Spiritual guidance is a conversation. Together we uncover the self-limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns of thought that lead to unwanted life conditions. Remembering and rediscovering Spiritual Truth, we reclaim our power to create our lives - lives of Love, Peace, prosperity, Strength, Health, Joy, and Harmony.


Spiritual guidance is about creating a life you love. Guidance sessions are 100% confidential.

What is Affirmative Prayer?

Spiritual guidance sessions with a licensed Practitioner include powerful affirmative prayer ("spiritual mind treatment") to mentally and emotionally align with Spiritual Truth, with the creative power of Life Itself, with God.


Affirmative Prayer does not beseech God or make a request. Rather, it speaks the Truth that already is - a Truth that has perhaps been forgotten, buried beneath limiting beliefs or distorted by circumstance.


Prayer works. Affirmative prayer transforms lives.

5 Steps for Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer is a powerful method for setting the Creative Process into motion. It is a direct, focused, and organized method using five steps to get to your desired outcome.

The five steps are:


1. Recognition (God Is)
2. Unification ( I am)
3. Realization (Speaking into reality your desired good) (example: "Life is Good!")
4. Thanksgiving (Grateful Acceptance) ("Thank you Spirit in me!")
5. Release (Let go, let God | Spirit | Goddess | Divine | Allah ) ("And so it is!")

God Is

I am

Life is Good!

Thank you Goddess in me.

And so it is!


Spiritual Practitioners

Ben Clark

#: 505-596-0119

@: benaclark2@gmail.com
Available for prayer on any topic or apparent condition. Experienced in relationships, business, men's issues. Over 50 years of business and consulting experience, personal development, coaching, and training. Currently studying Dr. Joe Dispenza works on creating futures as well as various science of mind texts. Professional Religious Science Practitioner since July 2018.

Bonnie Chavez

@: lbonnie.chavez@gmail.com

I was born and raised in NM and love the outdoors, especially exploring new spaces. I am a recent transplant to Virginia and enjoying the hiking and beautiful scenery. I own my own consulting business that helps social profit organizations and other small businesses. I love helping the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living and excited to participate.

Christa Keller

#: 575-342-1584

@: christaschicircle@gmail.com

Tai Chi Chih is a way of life, practicing and constantly learning to move from the center of your being. Chi energy is the Vital Life Force bridging Mind, Body and Soul. This practice balances the Chi that brings a sense of well-being and serenity amidst activity. Tai Chi Chih has been the most steadfast and reliable Spiritual Practice in my life. I am inspired to share this practice with you. It is accessible to people of all abilities, ages and challenges. Let’s move together to bring balance to our lives during this challenging time. I look forward to our time together.

Clarissa Crowe

#: 505-319-0151

@: lifeisgoodallthetime22@gmail.com

Clarissa Crowe is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner specializing in recovery, self-love, and meditation. She is a singer, poet, and teacher who has led several classes, workshops, prayer circles, and ceremonial gatherings. She is excited to guide you in the process of beginning the new year from a place of deep intention.

Dean Hiltpold, RScP

#: 505-350-4865

@: leanmeandean1@yahoo

Member of ACSL since 2002 and became a Licensed Practitioner in 2016. Member of the Board of Trustees for the center from 2016 till 2018. Singer with the Spirit Singers at our center. Retired Ssgt from the United States Air Force in 1989. Married with 2 sons and 2 daughters-in-law with seven grandchildren.

Dino de Leyba

#: 505-208-2973


I know through prayer we can change our thinking and change our life. Mis-beliefs about who and what we are have dominated most of our lives. We can change those beliefs through Sacred Prayer. We are created whole and complete, there is nothing wrong with us, never has been. Prayer is powerful and will alter thought. We have the opportunity now to create the life we want. My area of specialty is the personal relationship with self and others. God is all there is.

Jan Nolan

#: 505-816-8245

@: sterling112@msn.com

Holding the Light of the One that is ever-present, I encourage the Beauty of who you are in all areas of Life! Whatever feelings or experiences you are having, together we will affirm that with Divine Spirit, by changing our thoughts, we change our Life. Beauty and Love are everywhere. I look forward to connecting with you.

Joy Lynn Hertz

#: 505-715-7992

@: joyousheart1@yahoo.com

Joy Lynn moved to Albuquerque from New Orleans in 2005 as a direct result of Hurricane Katrina. The love and support of the members of the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living are what sustained Joy Lynn and inspired her continued study and ultimately teaching Science of Mind. Joy Lynn is a law firm administrator and Paralegal for more than 40 years. She currently owns and operates JoyousCreations Event Planning and Catering company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Leading by example and servant leadership is a way of being in Joy Lynn’s life. Loving-kindness, service, and inspiring others to their highest potential are Joy Lynn’s life mission.

Chaplain Lesha Kitts, RScP, NTS, ECP

#: 505- 453-5387
@: LeshaKitts@gmail.com
I answered my calling to be a healer at a very young age and was a certified Natural Therapeutics Specialist by the age of 21. Now at age 54 I am also a Religious Science certified Practitioner, a CSL endorsed Chaplain and an Emotion Code Practitioner. I use all my skills in combination to best serve those that find themselves in need of my offering. I help people (and animals) discover a "Soular" Powered life led by thier own "Sol Purpose".

Madi Suarez


@: madicooks@comcast.net

My name is Madi Suarez. I grew up in the Los Angeles area of California and moved to NM in March of 2005. I attended the ABQ Center for Spiritual Living starting in 2010 after reading "The Secret" because I wanted to meet other people and talk about manifesting! I stuck around for a few years and then left. I came back in October of 2017 and got very involved. I took some classes and then started Practitioner studies in September of 2018. I became a licensed Practitioner in July 2020. I live in the northeast area of Albuquerque with my 9 year old dog, Robin.

Mary Deaguero

#: 505-228-3404

@: marydkc5@msn.com

I know you are a beautiful expression of Spirit. Whatever you are experiencing, it is a gateway to know your inner power and freedom - your Divine Self. Let's journey together in this journey of the Self.

Rev. Rebecca Allen


@: peacefulplace2001@yahoo.com

Rev. Rebecca Allen knows the power of prayer.
She is happy to put that knowledge to work on your behalf..No request is too large or too small..it is all the same love in the heart of the Divine...You have only to ask.


Paul Cuffee

#: 310-877-3239

@: phcuffee@gmail.com

Paul Cuffee is a Poet, a Licensed Practitioner, a Film Maker, and a writer of Sacred texts. His mission is to erase the line between the Sacred and the Profane and to remove the veils between awareness of Self and awareness of Divinity. Among his many duties at ABQ-CSL are authoring the monthly blog post for our website, and producing video content for our online service. Paul is devoted to expanding everyone’s awareness of their own wholeness and perfection, through prayer, meditation, Prac sessions, and teaching. He has written a Sacred Text of Profane Musings called “The Everlasting Burn: A Book of UnCommon Prayer” which he expects to have published before the end of the year.

Vicky Murata
#: 505-385-8227
@: mysvrz@gmail.com

I've had a lot of experience helping people with relationships, health, and/or money and career troubles, and I understand how it happens: just when everything seems to be going our way, life takes twists and turns, and sometimes we need help. It's hard to see the big picture when we're in the middle of a problem. No one has it all figured out, but I know one thing: I know the Truth of who you are. Many Blessings.