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What is a Licensed Practitioner?

A Religious Science Practitioner (RScP) is a licensed spiritual guide who utilizes affirmative prayer to support people in connecting themselves to the Power, Presence and Good of God within them.


Our Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living Practitioners are teachers and leaders who are in service to our community. They have made a commitment to their own continual self-discovery and education, and to serving our community with love.


Training includes at least six pre-requisite classes, plus two years of professional training, and written & oral exams.

What is Spiritual Guidance?

We teach that the Spiritual Truth, the Essence, of every person is Wholeness and Perfection. Sometimes the conditions of our lives don't seem to reflect this Wholeness - we experience lack, limitation, separateness, struggle, or confusion.


Spiritual guidance is a conversation. Together we uncover the self-limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns of thought that lead to unwanted life conditions. Remembering and rediscovering Spiritual Truth, we reclaim our power to create our lives - lives of Love, Peace, prosperity, Strength, Health, Joy, and Harmony.


Spiritual guidance is about creating a life you love. Guidance sessions are 100% confidential.

What is Affirmative Prayer?

Spiritual guidance sessions with a licensed Practitioner include powerful affirmative prayer ("spiritual mind treatment") to mentally and emotionally align with Spiritual Truth, with the creative power of Life Itself, with God.


Affirmative Prayer does not beseech God or make a request. Rather, it speaks the Truth that already is - a Truth that has perhaps been forgotten, buried beneath limiting beliefs or distorted by circumstance.


Prayer works. Affirmative prayer transforms lives.

Our Licensed  Spiritual Practitioners

Joanna Clark
Fred Morton

#: 443-745-8862


#: 505-974-1729


Ben Clark

#: 443-745-8862


Michele Morton

#: 505-266-3880


Clarissa Crowe
Vicky Murata

#: 505-385-8227


Mary Deaguero

#: 505-237-1453


Joe Puzak

#: 505-255-9179


Kelly Saindon
Faith Hughes

#: 505-710-5222


#: 505-410-0736


Dean Hiltpold
Joyce Stephens

#: 505-350-4865


#: 505-268-1402


Carol Maxson

#: 505-237-0843


Ro Saundry

#: 505-697-7198


Jeff MacNutt
JD Faulk

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