Who We Are

Our Vision

One in Spirit, Living with Purpose, Transforming the World

Our Mission

Love In Action: Transforming Lives --> Transforming Communities.

Our Values

We recognize the Divine in all.

We celebrate diversity within Oneness.

We are committed to personal and collective spiritual growth through

New Thought, Ancient Wisdom, and Inter-Spirituality.

We are a dynamic community of creative, intent, and action.

We know and claim life and love beyond limits!

Ministry Team

Rev. Amani Malaika
Senior Minister

My fascination with spiritual traditions, spirit, and

life’s mysteries has been life long. In my own seeking, studies, and practice I have become a true believer in the divine nature of all human beings. 
I am a modern mystic drawing from the truths of many faith traditions.

I am deeply inspired by the new thought movement and Science of Mind, ever conjuring inventive ways to live these universal truths in our current world.

Phone #: 505-881-4311

Email: RevAmani@abqcsl.org

Rev. Amanda Ganley

Phone #: 505-847-6795

Email: revamandag@gmail.com

Jane Midgley

Ministerial Intern

Phone #: 505-977-4857

Email: janemidgley@comcast.net

Rev. Rebecca Allen

Phone #: 505-615-9837

Email: peacefulplace2001@yahoo.com

Licensed Spiritual Practitioners 



Learn more about

Our ministers and licensed spiritual practitioners utilize affirmative prayer to support people in connecting themselves to the Power, Presence and Good of God within them.  They provide spiritual guidance, offer prayer support, and can refer you to other sources of support as needed.


Leadership Council Meetings

Contact at: council@abqcsl.org

Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6pm.  During social distancing, please visit our Facebook page to learn how to attend online.  Join us!

  • Food and refreshments are welcome and available

  • Participation, comments, and requests are welcome

Leadership Council

Kenneth Winfrey

President, Non-Voting

Lisa Crawley

Vice President

Cliff Wintrode


Mickey Quintana


Vanessa Owen

Council Member

Candace Sestric

Council Advisor, Non-Voting

Rev Amani Malaika

Senior Minister, Non-Voting

Love in Action

Transforming Lives -> Transforming Communities

Sunday Message & Music Online via Facebook Live @ 11:00 a.m.
2801 Louisiana Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 881-4311
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