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Spring Awakening: Cultivating Inner Growth and Spiritual Transformation

As we welcome the vibrant hues and gentle warmth of spring, I am reminded that in many ways, this is our true new year—a time of awakening and new beginnings. While the calendar may mark January as the start of the year, it is during the spring season that nature awakens from its slumber, and we, too, are invited to begin anew. May you and I begin to grow the life we actually want to be living by first attending to the soul, the ground, the foundation, the soil that we want to plant with the seeds of our spiritual transformation. 

Seeding the Garden of Our Being

In the tender cradle of this sacred season, you and I stand at the threshold of possibility, poised to plant seeds of becoming. Becoming more of our True Selves, the people whose lives contribute to creating a more just and loving existence. But before we scatter these precious seeds upon the fertile soil of existence, let us first turn our gaze inward, tending to the rich soil of our own being—the sacred ground from which our dreams shall sprout and flourish.

In the quiet chambers of our hearts, let us cultivate a spirit of grace and kindness, for just as a tender shoot requires nurturing care to unfurl its delicate petals, so too does our inner garden require gentle tending to bloom in full splendor.

For those of us who garden we know as we get deeper into the process that it’s not really about growing plants. It’s about creating soil that can support life that can grow the full demonstration and wholeness of the seeds we plant. Just like the vast and intricate network of soil teeming with life, our souls and inner worlds are also expansive and divine, sustaining and nurturing the actions we take in our lives. Let us rest on this ground of our being and discover the grace and love available within.

Embracing the Dance of Growth

On the winding road of my own journey, I've learned that growth cannot be coerced through harsh discipline and rigid expectations. I’ve known for a long time that a consistent yoga practice would support my whole true beingness, my ability to be in this body of mine and show up in the world, more true and more whole. I knew that it would provide me physical strength, ability, stamina.. all the things that I knew were required for me to show up in the world as my true and real Self. A couple years ago I attempted (again!) to create this daily practice. To get myself into a daily habit my self-talk sounded like: “you are going to get your ass on that yoga mat”, etc. I tried to discipline myself as if I was some general in the military and lo and behold it failed. My habit fell off. I couldn’t maintain it. And then I got this idea in my prayer group while discussing self-compassion and kindness: I can sing myself to my yoga mat! When I was not feeling like putting on my freaking yoga clothes and taking the time to do my practice, I would sing myself there, “today I will do you get to be kind to your body.” I began to make up silly melodies and songs to sing myself to the mat. 

Instead of demanding obedience from myself, I began to serenade myself with songs of encouragement and tenderness, reminding myself of how good I feel on the other side. Through this loving approach, I discovered a daily yoga practice that supports my well-being and transformation towards greater freedom and liberation.

Manifesting Intentional Change

You and I get to attend to our whole being by attending to the foundation we live from. How and why we do things matters maybe more than what we do. 

As we embrace the energy of spring, it's essential to name the changes we wish to cultivate in our lives. BUT! Before diving into action, take a moment to lovingly inquire why this change is important to you. How does it align with your truest desires and aspirations?

Take the time to envision the journey ahead with love and compassion, nurturing each step with care and intention welcoming in Divine Grace.

Happy Spring! Happy Change! 

May your journey of freedom and liberation be wildly blessed, Rev. Amani

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