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A Grand Rising is an Act of Life-Affirming Faith

A New Way of Approaching Life

While this Grand Rising is a great way to begin the year in that it is a great concept with great energy that has the potential to propel us into a new way of showing up and showing out as Spirit Individualizing… the crux of it all rest upon the IF…


If we are clear about what we are being invited to do. If we are ready to engage and embody this revitalizing and authentic way of being. And if we are willing to show up in audacious, authentic, vulnerable, and powerful ways. Ways that run counter to much of what culture and society deem to be normal.


So often we become addicted to spiritual idioms, colloquialisms, aphorisms, and such. They become quaint phrases we toss here and there because they make us feel good, they give us the temporary feeling of awareness and wisdom. But because we have not fully taken the leap and trusted ourselves, nor each other, and ultimately, we have not trusted The Universe, we cannot arrive at the location the spiritual quotes point the way to. We are lost in the illusion of mistaking the map for the terrain. No matter what word we use, mizu, wasser, or agua, … the word that represents H20 will never quench thirst.


I Sing Because I am Happy

What came first the chicken or the egg? What if this is a Zen koan that is pointing the way that neither came first and both came first? An ouroboros of sorts. We struggle with the concept of feeling good to such a degree that we have created “Toxic Positivity.” What if we have this feel-good thing all wrong? What if we have not manifested a collective good (A world that works for all) because we don’t actually know what it means to feel good?

James 4:3 says, “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss..” and in some translations it says you ask with the wrong motivation. Are we motivated to feel good more than be good and do good?


Now, when I refer to the word “good,” I am referring to the word in the way Emma Curtis Hopkins used it when she said, “My good is my God!” Now with that in mind, let’s revisit what I said about us not yet being good (God) and doing good (God).


Time to Upgrade

The Grand Rising is our invitation to embody our Divine Magnificence in a way that we may have avoided before. Maybe it felt too sacred and holy, too big, or felt like it was too much responsibility. No matter what, if it is the truth of our being, why not trust that we have the capacity to live this truth fully?


Rising Grandly does not mean we will not grieve, feel anger, frustration, or feel tired of situations or of certain people. What it means is that we feel these things from a new vantage point. A new vantage point where we process these feelings, mood, experiences just as we experience the darkness of the night. We see the darkness, we feel the evening chill in the air, we may even jump at the things that go bump in the night, and still the sun rises in the morning and daylight returns while in fact the sun never left. Our divine nature never leaves even while we are in the midst of a dark night of the soul. We are Individualized expressions of God who experience the depths of grief, anger, loneliness, and fear but so to are we able to have joy, laughter, love, and peace as our experiences.


Put it to Practice

Just as someone might do once, they wake up in the morning, let’s stretch.


Stretch the Mental Equivalents which consist of 4 pillars (Our thoughts, words, emotions/feelings, and actions) we have regarding the various things we believe. What do we believe, what do we say, what do we feel, and actions do we engage in regarding such things as money, politics, racism, sexism, community, the unhoused, etc.? So often we simply live our lives using the outdated Mental Equivalents that were handed down to us.


Let us embark upon a Grand Rising where we consciously choose our Mental Equivalents which will allow us rise to a new level of stewardship of our lives individually and collectively.


“Divine Guidance is just as definite a principle in the universe as the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Your use of Divine Guidance must be just as conscious as an architect drawing a plan; just as certain as a mathematician solving a problem, and the answer is just as definite.” ~Dr. Ernest Holmes, Volume 2 Extension Study Course in the Science of Mind, page 75



Rev. Ray


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