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Connections Team

What is the Connections Team?

At ACSL, our mission is to be Love in Action. What is more loving than to be welcoming and friendly to members and visitors? To do that in a focused fashion, we decided after a few meetings to start the Connections Team in February 2018. For now, the Team members wear their playful name badges (the ones with the confetti dots) and are friendly, helpful and welcoming to members and visitors on Sundays.

Who Can Join the Connections Team?

Any interested member can join. We are a growing group of friendly, kind members who want to know one another better, introduce members to one another, help members find out about classes or training, laugh together, and maybe even share some ideas for ACSL. As we all know, communities are as strong as their connections between and among one another. So let’s get connected!

When is the Team Active?

For now, the Connections Team is most active between and after Sunday services. As our Team grows we will help connect in all kinds of ways that support ACSL in working for the best interest of everyone.

How Can You Join the Connections Team

It’s simple. If you like to be hospitable, enjoy introducing people and like the idea of helping ACSL be love in action, then please talk to a Connections Team member or send an email to Anne at . We would love to have your participation. In time, we expect to see all our members part of the Connections Team, wearing the fun name tags, engaging with one another and visitors and demonstrating a whole Center of love in action.

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