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Manifesting Heaven on Earth: Living A Love Ethic

Imagine closing your eyes and stepping into a world painted with radiant hues of beauty, harmony, peace, joy, and love. This realm weaves humanity into nature's embrace, crafting systems and ideals that stand tall with unwavering integrity, echoing the pulse of divine principles. It's a realm where freedom flows boundlessly, like a river touching every soul, a place where the threads of absolute peace, justice, and liberation intertwine, embracing every living being in a tender cocoon. This celestial tapestry hums with the melodies of laughter, beauty, wonder, creativity, and the perpetual dance of renewed expressions of love, like leaves rustling in a gentle breeze.

In the grand art of bringing dreams to life, here's a truth to anchor you: keep your gaze steady on the North Star of your vision. When storm clouds of fear or sadness gather, as they surely will, remember, you can't let them linger. Don't let them cast shadows that eclipse the brilliance of your dream.

“To live our lives based on the principles of a love ethic (showing care, respect, knowledge, integrity, and the will to cooperate), we have to be courageous. Learning how to face our fears is one way we embrace love. Our fear may not go away, but it will not stand in the way.” -Bell Hooks, All About Love

Bell Hooks, a wise sage of love's ways, whispers that embracing love requires bravery. It means turning to face your fears, acknowledging their presence without letting them steer the ship. These fears won't melt away, but they won't hijack your voyage either.

Within this intricate tapestry of life, I've come to understand that my visionary threads reflect both the shimmering brilliance and the frayed edges of existence. Yet, I've learned not to magnify those frayed edges with my gaze, or they become chasms that swallow my purpose. I can't let my energy be consumed by the void that lacks the vibrancy of beauty, harmony, peace, justice, and liberation. That would be like watering the weeds instead of tending to the blossoms. It's an act of losing my way, mistaking shadows for the real journey.

At times in the ABQ CSL community, I've glimpsed the ease with which we can be entangled in knots of what's not working. It's tempting to let "the problem" take the spotlight and consume our energy as we dissect it. But remember, the light that reveals problems is not meant to blind us. It's there to guide us, like fireflies illuminating the path in the dark. But you and I must tread carefully, for excessive focus can turn us into mechanics instead of dreamers. We can become so engrossed in fixing the engine that we forget the purpose of the journey.

Remember, our beloved community is more than a workshop of fixes. It's a cauldron of transformation that frees every seeking spirit. Yet, once in a while, the compass of our focus gets a bit unsteady. We might find ourselves swept away by the current of problems, letting them dictate our course. But that's like letting the map get soaked and blurred in a sudden rainstorm.

I'm not suggesting you shut your eyes to the rain or pretend it's not wet. No, beloved, I'm inviting you to navigate the storm while holding onto your vision, your guiding star. It's about focusing on the beacon of heaven on earth, while acknowledging the challenges that dot the landscape.

This realization, like a gust of wind breathing life into smoldering embers, has reignited the fire of my purpose and vision. I’m remembering to set sail by the stars instead of drifting aimlessly. I'm sending out a call, a heartfelt invitation, for you to join me on this quest. Let's journey together, keeping our eyes on the horizon of transformation and liberation. This month, I gift you a practice that resonates like a melody: the medicine of envisioning heaven on earth. Each of us, like musicians in a grand orchestra, contributes our unique notes to weave a symphony of Heaven On Earth Now.

“Those of us who have already chosen to embrace a love ethic, allowing it to govern and inform how we think and act, know that when we let our light shine, we draw to us and are drawn to other bearers of light. We are not alone.” -Bell Hooks, All About Love

As Bell Hooks reminds us, those who live by a love ethic shine as beacons, attracting kindred spirits. Imagine us as fireflies illuminating the same patch of night, guiding each other home.

My love and affection for you is endless!

We're in this heaven together, Rev. Amani.

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