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Quantum Leap Into Greater Good

A quantum is the smallest discrete unit of a phenomenon. Quantum comes from Latin, meaning "an amount"

“While it is commonplace to think of God as a being or even a supreme being, Ultimate Reality is being itself: not a noun, but a verb; not a person, but a process;” -World Wisdom Bible

You, my beloved, are a quantum of the Ultimate Reality.

The Ultimate Reality process is made up of the spiritual laws that are always in motion, never failing, and always moving for Good. AND…you can use them by simply being what you naturally are as a quantum of Ultimate Reality. You can use them for all kinds of good in your life and for the collective good..all the good. So why don’t we? How can we get better at it? What is keeping us from making use of this power for good that has been ever available always? Niels Bohr can help.

"Bohr proposed a model of the atom in 1913. He suggested that electrons can move only in certain ways. Electrons go around the nucleus in continuous orbits. But when an electron jumps from one orbit to another, it moves in a very discontinuous way; it never goes through the intermediate space between the orbits. It disappears from one orbit and reappears in the other,” -Goswami, Amit. God Is Not Dead

This jump from one orbit to a new orbit is a quantum leap. To make a quantum leap in your own life is to leave the old habituated way of being for something new. To leap into the vision you have for Good you must leave the old behind. The intention for the new Good is not enough. There must also be a release of the old and often conditioned inherited ideas and perceptions that no longer serve you.

“When we operate from the ego and our individual patterns of conditioning, our experiences, being predictable, acquire an apparent causal continuity. As a result, we develop a greater sense of our personal self. We feel separate from our unitive whole self and from our God-consciousness. It is then that our intentions don't always produce the intended result.” -Goswami, Amit. God Is Not Dead

As a result of conditioning you get convinced that this personal self (ego self) is all of who you are and you lose access to your greater whole self that is Good, divine and far greater than you may be conscious of.

In the last series I spent a little time on the tricky business of the law of attraction. And it really is tricky..the law isn’t tricky at all but using it is. Conditioning is no joke! But Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind and Spirit also tells us that “the present is not bound by precedent.”

Goswami points out that quantum leaps are when a discontinuous choice is made..not the same same, round and round, conditioned habitual choices. The leap happens when the electron moves in an entirely unexpected and different way. Maybe even a brand new way. (how evolution happens!) If you want to evolve, if you want to use spiritual law to create change or something new, you have to discontinue your regular habit of thought and belief. The habit of thinking of yourself as less than, as separate from Ultimate Reality (often unconsciously) can’t produce a new outcome.

Breaking the chains of conditioning is tough. This is why spiritual practice is critical to using spiritual law. Every time you touch, taste, sense, glimpse your wholeness and connection with all that is you leap from conditioning and into infinite possibility. It’s practice that helps to break the continuous cycle of conditioned and often inherited thoughts/beliefs that are untrue and don’t serve you. Through a consistent spiritual practice of turning within you ready yourself for the leap. You create the conditions for a quantum leap to happen.

A key to your practice is to practice with the intention to open yourself to new possibilities. When you slow down, get quiet, and actively seek what lies in the unknown you cultivate greater potential for a leap.

This choice and intention is MAJOR because most everything in our western culture is opposed to you getting off the productivity merry-go-round. But when you do you free yourself from being another cog on the wheel of toxic capitalism and unconsciously participating in and maintaining systems of oppression you will leap into a whole new world of Good and Greater Good. It’s radical to intentionally break the chains of your conditioning and make use of your divine nature and birthright of co-creation. It’s radical to disrupt generations of misbelief and freely use your divine power to change your life and the life of this planet. When you make a discontinuous authentic choice and leap into a new thought, a true choice, an unknown good, a new action, you go against grind culture, you go against false narratives you received from cultural conditioning. This is how you align yourself with your true nature and express more and more Truth, Good, and Love on the planet. This is how you not only transform your own experience but How the Greater Good manifests as life itself for all of life.

So ready...set...leap!

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Geraldine Crippen
Geraldine Crippen
Aug 03, 2023

Truth, all of it!! We are awake now, poised for the leap. Geraldine Crippen

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