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So You Want Change..

First take a pleasure pause and then harness the power of spiritual creativity.

May you and I find respite from all that keeps us from the Divine. May you and I take refuge from the bullshit and the systems, policies, and structures that sweep us away into horror, distress and hopelessness. It will all be there waiting when you and I return, re-membered.

I invite you into a world where the Divine is real, where the beauty and wonder of Good tirelessly awaits discovery and honoring. Where you and I romp in the fields of love and creation remembering and re-membering the lovely whole that we are living in and as.

I particularly want to delight in the often overlooked aspects of the sweetness of the One. The scrumptious possibilities of Love that are ever moving from formless to form. The beautiful material that makes up our lives..the stuff that you and I relish in with all of our senses. The ecstasy that you and I get to experience in our divine bodies is the Good giving itself again and again as this thing called life.

For a moment give your whole attention to Love’s artistry. The sensual reality you and I share is enough in itself to attend to. To re-member is to awaken into the Divine right here in our bodies through tasting, touching, smelling, listening, seeing, and feeling all the sweetness of life. When you bring your whole body’s attention to this very real Love it re-awakens passions, giddiness, Joy and reminds you what it truly means to be alive! Divinely alive!

Being wholly awake to the Love that is growing in you is how your vision for what is possible in your life and the world will become clear. Feeling all the way through your senses to the edges of yourself is how your vision grows legs, comes into form, gets realized through you.

The more real your vision FEELS to you the more conviction and spiritual power (the juice!) you have when you launch that vision out into the spiritual law of creation. It’s like planting a seed that is strong, ready and well fertilized into soil that is ready, willing and able to grow it.

Dive into creating change this month with Rev. Amani's video sermon series. You can find weekly messages on our youtube page.

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