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The Spiritual Revolution is Here.

The grace of Oneness is your greatest weapon.

The revolution we seek is not fought with weapons or physical force; rather, it springs forth from the depths of our souls, a spiritual awakening that calls us to be conscious beings. It implores us to live authentically, to shed the layers of falsehood that have been imposed upon us, and to embrace the truth of who we are as divinity in form. To embark on this transformative journey that will revolutionize life as we know it, we must first acknowledge and embrace our divine nature.

You are inherently good!

You are capable of tapping into the wellspring of your true self by turning inward and being guided by conscious awareness. In the stillness of self-discovery, you find the wisdom to navigate life's complexities and make choices that align with your inherent goodness; this is conscious being.

Are your actions in harmony with your true nature?

Conscious living is the second pillar of this revolution. It demands that you examine your daily life with introspection and intentionality.

Are you guided by love and compassion in your interactions with others? This mindfulness extends beyond humanity, encompassing all living beings and the Earth we share. Each choice you make becomes an opportunity to manifest more love in the world.

Conscious relationships & connections are revolutionary!

We can not walk this path alone, we need each other. The third component of the spiritual revolution is conscious community. Find strength and encouragement by coming together with other beloved souls who are also seeking to participate consciously in this transformative movement. In unity, offer support, affirmation, and loving accountability, that nurtures a collective journey of growth and change.

“We cannot think ourselves into a new way of being, we must live ourselves into a new way of thinking.” -Fr. Richard Rohr, The Center for Action and Contemplation

As we delve deeper into this awakening, we realize that mere awareness is not enough. Action is the crucial fourth aspect of the revolution. Recognizing the suffering in the world compels us to respond with compassion and empathy. You cannot simply think yourself into change, let alone revolutionary change; you must embody the change you seek. It’s up to you to be the way for a greater manifestation of love and goodness through your actions.

Through the grace of oneness there are constant opportunities for you and I to have our hearts and minds transformed through the circumstances of our lives.

A recent heartbreaking encounter with suffering reminded me of the grace of oneness—the interconnectedness of all beings. The loving action of street based food outreach with the Minara Muslim Community has been an incredible gift to me recently. Through this small action of offering food, smiles, and hugs to folks who are unhoused, underfed and suffering has shown me that not only is the outreach mine to do but also how important it is to keep my eyes open to the realities right in front of me. I must allow myself to be heartbroken AND to hold the prayer and vision for greater good for all of us now.

In moments of prayer and reflection, even in moments of heartbreak, you can realize that there are countless opportunities to make a difference. For me, it may mean feeding the hungry and caring for the unhoused, while for you, it might involve addressing some other form of suffering that is calling out for change.

The grace of oneness presents different calls to action for each of us. It may be a chance encounter, a passion or talent you possess, or a deep-seated conviction that ignites your purpose. Whatever form it takes, you must answer this call with an open heart and a willingness to act.

The spiritual revolution is not some distant future; it is unfolding now, in every moment. You and I have been invited to awaken and act, to embrace conscious being, living, community, and action. Let us join hands in this revolutionary journey of transformation, supporting, uplifting, and loving one another along the way.

Together, we shall breathe life into the revolution, a revolution that begins within and radiates outward, touching the hearts of all and fostering a world of love, compassion, and manifest oneness. The time is now. Will you join me?

You are beloved to me, Rev. Amani


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