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The Transformative Power of Your Gratitude in a world of crisis.

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

In these turbulent times, as we witness global crises and navigate uncharted waters, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, even powerless. It's as if the world has thrown us into a stormy sea, and we're desperately seeking a lifeline to keep us afloat. In this moment, I invite you to turn your gaze inward, to a practice that can be your steadfast companion, your beacon of hope — gratitude.

Gratitude as Your Resilience

Gratitude isn't just a simple "thank you" or a fleeting feeling of appreciation. It's a profound force connecting you to the Divine that is Love and the greatest power there is that can transform your life, especially when the world around you is in disarray. In times of global crisis and personal crisis, practicing gratitude becomes your lifeline to Divine Love, your inner spark of that Divinity, and It’s power that anchors you in It’s Goodness.

Harvesting Gratitude in Your Garden

Picture gratitude as the harvest from your inner garden. Just as we gather fruits and vegetables to prepare for the harsh winter, you can gather moments of gratitude to sustain you through the toughest of times. Imagine stowing away these precious moments, like provisions for your soul, ready to nourish you when resources seem scarce.

Consider the story of a root cellar, filled with preserved food to tide you through the winter months. This act of preparedness ensures that when times get tough, when the cold winds blow and resources dwindle, you will have sustenance to rely on. Gratitude operates in a similar way. By cultivating and preserving gratitude during moments of plenty, you create a reserve of conscious connection to the constant Good that is the Divine that can buoy you when the world gets noisy and you forget.

Gratitude: Your Bridge to the Subtle Realm

Let gratitude serve as your bridge between the visible surface of reality and the hidden world, the realm of mystery and the Greater Reality. Through practicing conscious moments of feeling gratitude you are accessing the subtle dimension, deepening your connection to your divine nature and the Good that exists beyond the noisy conditions of your life.

Move Beyond External Systems & Conditions

In times of global and personal crisis, it's natural to turn to external systems and structures for solutions and answers. Without first turning within and connecting to Love and Truth you will stay trapped in conditioning that doesn’t serve you or life itself. But there's another way.

Shift your attention from external reliance to a deeper, truer, more powerful experience of your inner divinity. You possess an inherent power, a connection to something greater than your conditioned self, that can light the way through the darkest of times. By nurturing this inner connection through gratitude, you tap into a wellspring of strength and wisdom that wholeheartedly transcends the limitations of external systems.

Preserving Beauty and Sensitivity

Amid the urgency of our times, where crises are so loud and seem to proliferate, it is vital to remember and preserve divine qualities like beauty and harmony. They remind you of the profound mystery and Greater Reality and your kinship with them. They help you retain your divine humanity and natural goodness in the face of adversity.

As you navigate the challenges of our times, never forget the transformative power of your gratitude. Cultivate this practice, harvest moments of good, and preserve them for your well-being. Gratitude isn't just a gateway to abundance; it is a pathway to your holy true nature.

In this moment in history, when the world is chaotic and uncertain, let your gratitude be your steady companion, your source of vital remembering and connection to the Good, and your guiding light. Remember that even in the darkest of times, the light of your gratitude can illuminate your path and lead you toward a deeper experience of Good and Love now making all the difference in the world.

I love you so much, Rev. Amani

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