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Walking In The Dark

November 2020

A Message from Rev Amani Malaika

I am thinking about the Trump supporters that I love, I am wondering about the congregants who unconsciously treated me badly because of my skin color and how they are managing in the pandemic. I am concerned that I may have alienated some of our conservative spiritual family and whether (or not) they still feel welcome. I am concerned that folks of color do not see themselves represented in our videos and community and whether (or not) they feel a sense of belonging.

All of these thoughts – and more – are stirring in me because there continues to be one simple thing I have to offer. And I am desperate to offer it to each of you, regardless of the divisions and distance that seem to be keeping us from each other. Maybe, more than ever, I am desperate to offer what I have to each of you because of these divides.

In the very fabric of my being – without an iota of doubt, I know that Spirit is right where I am and you are, Right Now. And when we each know this truth and experience this truth as the fabric of our being, we are free. We are free to Be the uninterrupted life of Love. And that is all I care to busy myself with. That’s it, that’s all I’ve got.

So, in the next several weeks I offer to guide, encourage, remind, and companion you to your own divine self. That is the one thing I have to offer. I can’t tell you how to vote, whether to protest or boycott or run for the hills.

I know in every fiber of my being that this Truth which is awakening in your divine being will know exactly what to do. And I know – in that beautiful skin of yours – you will do exactly what is yours to do. I can’t tell you what that is; but I can walk in the dark with you as you discover it.

I love you and hold a vision of freedom for each and every one of you. Full stop. – Rev. Amani

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