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Your Freedom is Not Forsaken. Take Your Power Back..Your Spiritual Power.

Internal Torch

…a tribute to Marian Anderson, a spiritual power house

Sing free in the open air my heart sing free. After a long and reverent silence, freedom is my joy, my celebration as passing clouds play music for my soul.

My wings have always known the boundlessness of their eternity, the breath of a loving Spirit. Chains of oppression that once seemed to wrap themselves around me were no match for the enduring opulence of my song, for it is in the divine harmony of every song that liberation rings.

The vastness of my presence, the wholeness and unity with God is my completeness, cast by its loving essence; the beauty of who I am is Divine love. I am triumphant in knowing the immortal Spirit within.

I awoke abruptly to a mourning dove being drug through the house flapping its wings in a fiery attempt to release itself from my cat’s unrelenting grasp. With the bird’s neck red with color, feathers flying everywhere, I quickly contained Junior, my cat. Once released by the cat, the bird, in its continued frantic attempt to survive, flew violently into the ceiling wall of my bedroom then fell into the dark mire of my bedroom closet. I found the precious bird in one of my shoes on the closet floor. I gathered it gently with a cloth towel and set it outside to find its way back to the freedom it once remembered. The violent flap of the bird’s wing as it fought for its liberation, reminded me of why a caged bird sings. For it is in the innate liberation residing deep within its wings, never forgetting it's freedom, that it fights with all its might to retain them both.

Be free in the open air my wings be free. God’s grace bestowed upon me, my freedom not forsaken. For it is in my unity and wholeness with Spirit that I am forever free. My soul in the midst of thee my God I sing. As majestic clouds forever pass through me I sing of the immortal flight within.

Dino de Leyba, LSP


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